Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2007

Communicative art exchange by alpswissart OCPA/Unesco Paris.

Communicative Art Project International

A project of alpswissart

Conditions for Interested Artists all over the World

For artists from different areas and cultures all over the world, this is the beginning of a new direction in communicative art:  working as a group – organizing exhibitions, traveling art, or art exchanges. The aim is to encourage more communication, respect, and acceptance by bringing all cultures together through different works of artistic expression and character.

Thank you for believing in my work as a curator. I have worked freelance for over 20 years organizing exhibitions worldwide. Years ago I learned how to do this at the Kornfeld Auction House in Switzerland and also in New York with Abraham Lubelski. My last international project was the World Exhibition for Freedom under the patronage of the Swiss Commission for Unesco in 2003.  By searching on the websites: or under Fly Gallery, you can learn more about my work as an artist and as an organizer of exhibitions from 1999 – 2004.

The idea and theme of respect and acceptance in communicative art came out of my travels and work as an artist. I've worked for years gathering contacts with artists and cultural centers in order to be well connected, and my thanks goes out to all cultural centers open for these art-exchange exhibitions.  Through all my contacts with different artists in Indonesia, Italy, French, Germany, Spain, San Francisco, Africa, China, Russia, etc., I learned to be myself in character, philosophy, craft, and design.

Organizing international art exchanges comes out my AION artwork.  The philosophy behind AION is the primal geometry taken from symbols in nature: the first signs found in all ancient cultures throughout the world. Primal geometry connects ALL cultures over ALL time.

You are cordially invited to join this group of world artists. As a member artist you can organize exhibitions in your local area, documenting the different artwork and mentioning your connection to this project. Organizing artists should also invite some of the other member artists to take part in their exhibitions. We could also organize free studio exchanges for a time.

The project Communicative Art Project International is not for profit and all rights are held by the organization alpswissart. All use and profit from the project without consent is prohibited.
The rights for the use and the profit of the local exhibitions organized by member artists belong to the organizers and participants.

There is a lot of administrative work to do in administration and coordination. Everyone is free to help by working and organizing, or to help pay for the promotion, transport, etc. Payments for the art exchange, exhibition, or traveling art for the organization have to be made before the exhibitions. There is no title or responsibility by alpswissart.

Every artist who subscribes to the above definitions and principles and wants to definitely take part in the Communicative Art Project International is free to participate.  I have taken the liberty, since I was asked to, to mention your name on the tentative list published on my website, in cultural centers, and at events and art exchanges for the Communicative Art Project International.

I believe that we need a meeting to intensify and strengthen the contact within the group in order to launch this communicative art project all over the world in the coming years.
If you have good ideas, suggestions, problems or misunderstandings, send e-mail to / It is important to have good communication among ourselves and to respect and accept each other - just as we respect and accept all religions and cultures.

We will do our best so that these exhibitions, traveling art, and art exchanges of communicative art will be a project of respect and acceptance.          

With friendly greetings from Switzerland
Barbara Streiff

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